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Canada411.ca: Canada's trusted people finder

Canada411.ca is the most reliable tool to find and connect with people and businesses in Canada.

We are building technologies to help Canadians connect with each other


We have over 12 million people profiles with authenticated information from Canada's leading telecommunications companies.


From the printed book to your on-the-go mobile device, Canada411.ca is evolving with you.


Ultimately, we want to help you find and connect with people anytime, anywhere on your terms

How do we do it?
  • Authenticated contact information
  • Partnerships with leading Canadian telecommunication companies
  • Monthly updates for increased accuracy
Why are we making changes?
  • To increase your chances of finding the right person
  • To offer you more ways to get in touch
  • To allow you to save and share your connections easily
What motivates us?
  • You! Send us your feedback
  • Making people smile by helping them find and reconnect with old friends, or send surprises to faraway relatives
  • Being part of Canadians' everyday life
Canada411.ca is the #1 tool to:
Find addresses to send gifts, cards and letters Save contacts in your address book Find out who just called Find people from social networks Share contacts or recommend people Find businesses located near people you know

We want to hear from you. Send us your feedback! The Canada411.ca team

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