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Save and Share Tools

Save and share information on Canada411

You can save or share listings via:

  • An address book (e.g. Outlook or Lotus Notes)
  • A desktop program (e.g. word, .pdf, or rich text file)
  • Email (send an e-mail to yourself or tell-a-friend)
  • A Free Text Message to a mobile device
  • An Instant Message
  • Your printer
  • Your online Social Bookmarks (e.g. FaceBook)

To access these tools click the “Save” or “Share” links from the Results, Profile pages or info box on a map. Additional help instructions are available within the tool.

Canada411 Address Book

1. What is the Canada411 Address book?

The Canada411 book is a new way to keep your best addresses always up-to-date and easy to access from any computer or mobile devices.

2. I don't remember signing up, how come I have an address book?

We allow unregistered user to save items to their address book for convenience. Unfortunately, if you delete your cookies or use another computer, you will not have access to your temporary address book.

Sounds like a good reason to sign up? Please do so to have access to your address book at anytime from any computer or mobile device.

3. I have items in my temporary address book. Will they be imported if I sign up for a Yellow Pages account?


4. I have items in my temporary address book. Will they be imported when I log in?

Yes. If some of them do not belong to you, you can delete them afterwards

5. I'd like to share my address book with my friend. How can I do that?

By default your address book is private. If you'd like to share it with your friends or anyone else, just check the Make my address book public checkbox. You can now send the URL next to the checkbox to anyone you'd like to give access to your address book.

6. Who can see my public address book?

Anyone visiting your online profile will be able to see your address book, if it's made public. If you'd like to hide some items from public view, just check the Private column for these items. Your address book will still be public, but these items won't show up when others visit your page.

7. How do I add a note to an item of my address book?

Just click the pen icon in the Notes column, enter your note and click the Save button that appeared magically.

8. Are my notes public?